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Dear listener,
In August 2018, five musicians (myself included) got together at the MGDs rehearsal space in Kansas City, MO.  I’d sent the other players charts and demos of the songs months ahead of time, but we hadn’t played together before that evening.  Not much was said during set up and we just got into the music.  Things loosened up and, after a few passes of each song, we called it a night.  The next day we took our gear to Element Recording Studios, set it all up in one room, and made this record.  

I’ve spent many hours in recording studios doing overdubs and trying to get the ‘perfect’ take.  It’s a great way to make records, but wasn’t what I was after for this project.  The songs on this record are as real and as close to me as anything I’ve done before, and I wanted the finished product to reflect the beauty, spontaneity, and energy that exists within my life (flaws, flubs and all).

The opening tune, “On the Borderline”, is a song about true friendship.  “Sentimental Dude” came to me in a flash while running a fever and feeling weak/ill.  “Metropolitan” is a love story dealing with big city themes and beauty in an art historical context.  “The Busker” is kind of a Hemingway influenced machismo day-in-the-life account of a young and restless street musician.  “Something So Good” is an attempt to shed light on the darkest parts of the human experience.  Betrayal, insecurity, depression, anger…a sort of helpless pining for someone to give you an answer or at least ease the pain.  “Do You Have to Ask?” is meant to be a simple and timeless song about unconditional love.  I was thinking about Tommy Makem and Irish ballads when I wrote it…in the garden…with my daughter, Remi Jane.

All of these tunes can be, and have been, performed solo acoustic.  That’s how I got my start and it’s a format that is near and dear to me.  I set out to tell stories when I write and hope that comes across on my new album, “Flowers and Ticket Stubs”.

-Matt Davies 

(regarding the new album, “Flowers and Ticket Stubs”)

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